Transparency texture off but rendering - Bug or Expected behavior

I was testing a material working with transparency and reflectivity and I it was not working as I expected.
Finally, I noticed that at the beginning I had tested also a transparency texture, which I had ticked off but not removed. When I removed the texture it finally worked as expected, but it costed me quite a bit of time figuring it out.
Is this expected? why?
Thanks, N

Hi N - how are you testing, in a full rendering or a rendered, or a raytraced viewport? If you can repeat the problem, please save the file in the ‘bad’ state and post or send to along with a link back here in your comments.

Or steps to reproduce if it is consistent - so far I am not seeing what I think you report.


Hi Pascal,
I found an earlier version of the test and sent it to the email. yesterday.

Hi all - as far as I can tell this is fixed in V7, still wrong in V6.