Transparency in rhino 6?

Does it work differently than Rhino5? I can’t seem to get some layers to be transparant. For example the ‘cross’ layer in attached model. Can someone tell my what I’m doing wrong?Stickman&cross_V2.1 (correcte schaal).3dm (18.8 MB)

Not my area of expertise but I may have found something relevant.

What command on the “cross” object (not layer) says the material is “from obj”, not the layer.

Added: Transparency works if you switch the object to material by layer.


ID: d55b12fa-f9e5-456f-8df7-0da2e1fe4ce2 (12)
Object name: Rhinoceros Binary STL ( Jun 9 2014 )
Layer name: cross
Render Material:
source = from obj
index = 1

Hi David,

okay that makes sense, some things are in a different place now compared to R5, it’s confusing me sometimes :slight_smile: