Transparency based on Camera distance

i’m tired and lazy today. don’t want to write extensively but ok, scenario…
imagine a very detailed model with lots of geometry. let’s say you want a view that shows everything inside. with rhino you would typically use make2d, there you can show the hidden lines. though when a model has a lot of geometry that can become a hayball of continuous and dashed lines that won’t communicate the depth well. you could manually give the lines different shades of grey but it is a lot of work and is overall limited in terms of showing the three dimensional depth.

now imagine that the lines or geometry of the whole model get rendered thicker for parts that are more near to pov and get thinner the further away from pov. or instead (or both) have 100% fill near pov and get more transparent further away from pov.
if you are working with meshes this might be even more usefull when you have very dense meshes.
ghosted view does this to some extend but it isn’t really suitable/stylized or adaptable enough to generate really good images for use ouside of rhino.

I’m pretty sure someone had already proposed this a looong time ago but it didn’t get picked up.

hell yeah, even better!

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