Translucent menus

Using two monitors, and just updated Nvidia Quadro 4000 drivers. When first opened, these menus are opaque, once they are clicked on in the top title bar they turn see through as shown. The only fix is to drag them or double click to move them into the main work display and dock them and move them back again. Is there a way to fix, make them always opaque? Previously reselecting with double click in the title bar would make them opaque and usable. Now double click docks them in the main window.

I think this might be related to an Nvidia nView setting. Please see if unchecking this helps…

You got it! Life is good


Ps really liked your tutorial on texture mapping, very helpful

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I’m more focused on my womens shoe brand and young adult fiction these days… that is of course when I’m not on the Rhino forum.