Transforming technical drawings into 2D files

Is there any extension or standalone software that can translate a technical drawing into a 2D file that I can import into Rhino?
I need to draw pretty simple pieces, but it’s very time-consuming.

3593_COMM_233834_1_2.pdf (25.6 KB)

Hi Lorenzo -

You might need to provide more information because the PDF file that you attached imports fine into Rhino:


sorry, I forgot to mention that the clients’s drawings are not precise, but the measurements are.
I did not send the originals because I did not want to have problems with the client.

What’s your actual workflow then?

If you are asking if there’s a software package that can take an engineer’s or designer’s dimensioned sketch and turn it into an accurate drawing in the completely general case: no, there isn’t.

If you have a more specific use case, you’ll have to describe it to get a useful answer.

Thank you, this is what I needed to know.

I don’t believe you and I’ll ask ChatGTP.