Transforming curves into tentacles

I’ve got a bunch of curves that I want to convert into ropes.
The way I figured out is really tedious:

_Circle _AroundCurve
Confirm defaults
Select rail and cross-section
Confirm defaults

It’s really time consuming and has to be done for every curve and there are a hundred of them…

It could be I don’t know how to make Sweep1 work properly, but for me I need a cross section that actually touches the rail curve and revolves around the normal of the curve.

I can’t seem to get an alias to work and I can’t work out how to do _Circle _AroundCurve within a python script.

Does anyone have any ideas?


ps - here are the ‘tentacle’ curves

Hi, maybe not a question for the ‘Mac’ topic, (I’m not sure myself) but what I like to do is to use Pipe.

With pipe it’s quite easy to make a ‘pipe’ around a curve. No option to make a taper but pipe will get the job done. With pipe you can pipe multiple curves at once.

ps. the pipe will return as a solid.

Also, depending on what you need this for, you could get away with a visualization trick by using ApplyCurvePiping.

Note that you can extract the render mesh if needed.

That’s exactly what I was looking for :blush:
(I knew there would be a simple way to do it… Duh.)
cheers Peter

FYI… This isn’t ported to Mac Rhino yet and won’t be for the first release. It’s part of the displacement plugin that creates custom render meshes.