"Transformation tools" to improve: what do you think?

If you are interested, watch this video from the software "Bonzai3D."
In Rhino 6 I would like an improvement in all the commands of “Trasformations” bend (bend from radial insert), twist, taper, bulge (to be added), and so on.
Do not think that the transformation commands to Rhino remained the same as in previous versions? (except for a few small tweaks here and there).
I think that the terms offered by the software mentioned above are better and more functional, or not?

doesn’t seem like you can assign the axis in that video. like it can only twist around the center of an object?

some of the UI seems more friendly than in rhino though.

as in, it doesn’t seem like you could twist the box like this in bonzai?

…but a minor UI improvement which could happen in rhino is once you define the axis, the white circle as seen in the Rotate command appears… it would make it clearer what the following input it’s expecting from you.

Hello Jeff_hammond, I do not know if the deformation of Bonza3D are better or worse than those of Rhinoceros. I like the way (editing) with which Bonzai3d able to obtain the transformations, I think is more functional, for example, used various handles…

A few months ago formZ (bonzai’s big brother) had an anniversary sale and I regret not picking up a license at that time. I like the way formZ gives you an extensive array of screen controls during the creation and deformation of objects. It’s kind of like the gumball on steroids:


The new beta has sub d surfaces which will make formZ kind of a cross between SketchUp and modo (or whatever sub d software program that comes to mind)