Transformation of brep created with command Patch

I have surface that was created with command ‘Patch’ from cloud of points. After transforming the surface with transformation matrix (matrix include rotation and translation) I found that the algorithms that work on the surface are slow, which is strange. Algorithms are 5 times slower when they run on the transformed surface compared when they run on the same surface when it is not transformed. The profiler shows me that most of the CPU time is spent in c++ Rhino Sdk GetClosestPoint to brep function.

If I recreate the surface with Patch command on the new position and orientation, I do not have this problem, algorithms are fast.

Unfortunately I can not send 3dm model for reproducing this behavior.

Any hints or suggestions. Thanks

If the 3dm model you are experiencing this with is confidential, you don’t have to upload it to the forum. Instead, you can send it to or - having something to reproduce this problem with is very helpful.