Transform Grip whit history

Hello everyone;
in this sample

I want to write a MoveGrips command with the history,But the doc.Objects.GripUpdate () method seams not have the history parameter like the sample .

how can write a MoveGrips command with the history?

Hi @603419608,

Grip objects to not persist in the document. Thus they cannot participate in history recording.

– Dale

Hi @dale
Thank you very much for your answer, Is there an indirect way to move control points with history?How is the MatchSrf command of Rhino6WIP implemented with history?Rebuild a surface?

Hi @603419608

Why do you need to use history for grip editing?

Rhino command that support history store the connection between a command’s input geometry and the result so that when the input geometry changes, the result updates accordingly.

For example, with History recording and Update turned on, a lofted surface can be changed by editing the input curves.

The problem with grips is they they are part of the geometry you are editing. The other problem is they are temporary.

If you need history on point editing, perhaps you should look into Rhino’s cage editing feature.

– Dale

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Hi @dale

I just want grips to project to have a history,It seems impossible, thank you very much for your reply.