Transform Grid - flow from hexa grid to rectangle

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a hexa grid which flows smoothly to a rectangle grid. The target is to get a smooth Transformation between the two states attracted by a curve.

Maybe it’ just to late in the night, but i’m crashing at the Point where all Elements have to drift away from the others…

So it gets the drift as you see from the hexa, which every row is a half item to the top to the rectangle, where all the rows are the same height,

As I’m completly out of ideas at the Moment where to start, I’m thankfull for every idea and help.
Sorry for no file, but got no usefull at the Moment :see_no_evil:

Best regards,

Look at this link

Oh wow. As always this is awesome. Don’t know why I didnt found that while brwosing.
Thank you very much.

It is not rectangle but diamond or rhombus!

No Problem. I will have a look at it tomorrow. But I think this is a perfect start.