Transform Component into Inert (i.e. does not expire) object

HI all,

I want to perform manipulation of sliders from within a component. I was wondering if it was possible to override methods, properties, … of GH_document so that we inherit of all the nice UI features that are free when you inherit from that class while having a component that never expires.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Rad,

I’m confused about what the question(s) is/are. It is possible to set slider positions through code. It is not possible to derive from/override methods and properties of GH_Document. It is possible to have a component which does not expire and which looks pretty much however you want. The standard component display is based on the GH_Capsule class in Grasshopper.GUI.Canvas namespace.


Yeah I realize my question was confusing… but you somehow managed to answer it anyway. Thank you!