Transform a solid with smooth curb


I just try to modelise a complex form.
As i needed to transform the face into a curb section, i used “Extrude along a rail”.
But i have this:

So, i think it would be easier to know how to make smooth this surface, but like a solid at the end.
Below, i put an example of simple modelisation.
Can you please help me?
Thanks so much!

For example, using the tool below, i have what i want but it’s only an empty surface.
I’d like to have a solid.

It’s the same thing that if have a skateboard, with rectangular border, and i want to make it “smooth” with a section witph a constant radius.
Thanks so much for helping me!
I tried with “fillet” but i don’t know how use it, and it seems not to be the good tool, as i want a solid at the end!

Hi FabLab- FilletEdge may be what you are looking for.


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Hi pascal, thanks, but where it is? What is the logo of the tool? Because i have the french version! :slight_smile:

Hi Pascal Thanks! Yes, it’s ok! :slight_smile: