Transform 1 line segment of triangle into curve


There is a triangle. (with 3 straight line segments ofcourse :)).
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

I would like to transform Line 3 into an ‘arc/curved’ line segment,
whereby the curve is controlled by the length between the middle point of point Line 3 and the ‘opposite corner’ point. (X).

In a way that It is possible to play with the angle of the curve, by modifying the distance between these points.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

2020-06-25 Curve a triangle line (5.4 KB)

Curve a triangle line (10.3 KB)

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Curve a triangle line (12.9 KB)
Curve a triangle line segment_2020Jun25b2

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Ahh thank you!
Very helpful! :slight_smile:

The first solution was already good!

Only 1 favor to ask, would it also be possible to play with the distance between the middel point of Line 3 and the middle point of the curve? (instead of the distance between the ‘corner point’ and middle point?

Thank you again! :+1: :+1: