Transferring Rhino Skills to VectorWork, or [preferably] doing VW tasks in Rhino

This is a bit of a broad inquiry.
[background summery]: I’ve been an industry avoiding, sort of handwork purist, goldsmith for a long time. Then, for some years now, expanded into designing jewellery with Rhino [+Zbrush] But has always financially struggled the get by. Therefor trying now to be open to other possibilities.

I’m told of a possible job in an architecture office, where they still do everything in 2D and are looking to someone to create their designs in 3D [+ rendering I would imagine]
Architectures skills are not required, but they apparently use VectorWork…

There are a lost of posts here in the forum from Architects, and frankly everything I know about Arch, is from posts here.
Searching the forum, there is very little reference to VW… I looked up a basic interface tutorial, and the VW [on first impression] looks old and very boring…?

  1. Can I Just use Rhino instead, Is there anything VW had that Rhino is missing?
    [ for building the 3D geometry from the 2D drawings]

  2. is VW difficult to learn? and will my [comfortable but no power user] Rhino skills can be transferred to that app?

  3. For long, I’ve been wanting to make progress with GH, but I could find only very limited use for it in the type of jewellery I’m designing. I understand that Arch. is one of GH main user base… Perhaps with some advice and directions here… I could lure that office into Rhino +GH, focus time and motivation into learning GH, and avoid being diverted into VW ?

  4. and last Q that comes to mind at this point; Which Rendering app is recommended for Arch? I use KeyShot for jewellery, it seems to be good for interior shots, but [from what I read] it doesn’t seems to be ideal for Arch as a whole?

Thanks a lot
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