Transfer V5 license but use V6 WIP?

Confusing subject line but the quick version is we have 3 licenses of V5 in our office but I am the only one running V6 WIP. We’re moving personnel and PCs and would like to transfer one of our V5 licenses to a new employee’s PC. But I would like him to run V6 WIP in preparation for the office move to V6. What is the procedure to accomplish this? Thanks, and my apologies if it’s simpler than I’m imagining.

Brian Jackson

Rhino 6 is out of WIP now - it’s a released product.
Anybody can download an evaluation version - which will stop saving after 90 days.

does the V6 WIP not work anymore ?

It probably does - but it should be expiring soon now.

They could use the 6.0 Evaluation version for 90 days…