Transaction RolledBack and aborted

I opened the Add Parameter Error file in a new document and it still showed issues, so I’ll assume it still shows the issue on your side.

Still looking into it, but I think the issue is in the branch structure of Type and Name, as they are mismatched.

ahhh I see it now. Tree 2 has 12 in name and 5 in Type. It’s possible it doesn’t like string. I think I know the issue now. I’ll have to play around with types as I assign them manually… semi-manually. The picker doesn’t show String, but I think the error is I was trying to push string (autodesk.spec:spec.string) to the types. I’m not sure what the alternative is if string as unavailable.

These are the data types, or at least the full list of data types, I was pushing depending on the parameter and its use.

Parameter Types Revit API
Angle autodesk.spec.aec:angle
Area autodesk.spec.aec:area
Cost per Area autodesk.spec.aec:costPerArea
Currency autodesk.spec.measurable:currency
Decimal Sheet Length autodesk.spec.aec:decimalSheetLength
Distance autodesk.spec.aec:distance
Image autodesk.spec.reference:image
Integer (Int64) autodesk.spec:spec.int64
Length autodesk.spec.aec:length
Load Classification autodesk.spec.aec.electrical:loadClassification
Mass Density autodesk.spec.aec:massDensity
Material autodesk.spec.aec:material
Multiline Text autodesk.spec.aec:multilineText
Number autodesk.spec.aec:number
Number of Poles autodesk.spec.aec:numberOfPoles
Rotation Angle autodesk.spec.aec:rotationAngle
Sheet Length autodesk.spec.aec:sheetLength
Site Angle autodesk.spec.aec:siteAngle
Slope autodesk.spec.aec:slope
Speed autodesk.spec.aec:speed
String autodesk.spec:spec.string
Time autodesk.spec.aec:time
URL autodesk.spec.string:url
Volume autodesk.spec.aec:volume
Boolean (Yes/No) autodesk.spec:spec.bool

I found the issue. It was one entry in my excel table that should have been blank. :frowning:

Not sure how it got there, I must have copied it in at some point and not realised it.

Now it just has deleted for everything. I’ll work through it and see if I can find why. Either something in revit or excel.