Trackpad zoom IN v OUT option?

I would like to reverse the trackpad zoom direction for Rhino on my MacBook Pro, to match the way it’s done on the iPhone and MacBooks in general these days.

Namely, I want to zoom IN by spreading two fingers, and OUT by pinching two fingers. Cannot find any option to reverse this feature.

(Thankfully there is this option capacity to reverse zoom direction with the wheel mouse by choosing 1.1 instead of .9 for the wheel mouse zoom.)

Otherwise really great software!! Thanks!!!

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that’s how it works by default

this setting affects the trackpad zoom direction as well as the scroll wheel.
change it back to .9 and the trackpad will zoom the way you want it to.

Ouch, too bad we cannot control trackpad vs mouse wheel separately.

Wishing there was some workaround…?

Thanks Jeff!

I think there should be two different zoom scale factors, one for mouse and one for trackpad. Currently there is only one under view properties, and I’m force to change the scale factor every time I use a mouse because Magic Mouse sensibility is higher than the trackpad one.
Ideally mouse zoom scale factor should be in the mouse property tab, whereas the trackpad scale zoom factor should be under trackpad properties.


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Thanks for specifying where you feel the pain and what you do to work around it. That helps. I can see what you are experiencing and understand why it’s annoying. I’ve logged a bug here:

RH-57948 Separate Mouse Zoom sensitivity from Trackpad Zoom gesture sensitivity

I’m not exactly sure without digging into code how to best implement and expose this, but I’ll give it some more thought. I do like the conceptual clarity of controlling these from two separate locations in Preferences, but we’ll see what we can do.

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