Tracking program

i’m thinking there might be a tracking program for doing cad work or illustration work. working from a remote location, keeping track of your time, getting paid by the hour.

Hi @anajob , Peters Tools has a timer function:
Michael VS

Thomas Anagnostou has a nice free Project Timers utility you might look at. Set a keyword for the filename of each project, and it will track time spent in each project (automatically, no need to turn the timer on and off). You can switch between multiple instances of Rhino and other programs and it will time just the projects you have asked it to track. If the phone rings, just minimise the window and it will stop tracking until you restore focus to it.

I’ve relied on Toms Project Timers mentioned here for years, don’t know what I would do without it. Takes a bit of understanding to define the ‘sniff’ terms but I can get it to track the main Rhino modeling, rendering in another app, time spent on Skype with the client, time spent composing and reading pertinent emails about a project, Photoshop time editing renders, creating PDF’s and a host of other functions. It is all how you set up the ‘sniff words’.

wow thanks michael, mark and jody.

Thank Thomas, he is the man!