Tracking many parallel data abstracts associated with geometry

I put together this wee script as a galagpos demo in work. It’s nothing special yet, but it draws the forces on the retaining wall in the same way we would on paper. Nice and intuitive, and hopefully unlocking some less blocky shapes. (71.5 KB)

The checks are where the spaghetti started to pile up.

For a simple set of checks, I need to consider:

The material values used to find the loads. These can vary with different cases (ie we generally assume 300mm reduction in helpful soil to account for a trench in front of the wall, or the flood case where the soil weight is reduced due to buoyancy)

The direction and point of origin of movement (sliding, rotation, and point of rotation - the wall rotates about different places if the load is acting in different directions). This is used to find lever arms.

The magnitude of the load
The combination factor on the load

The Global Stability safety factor on each load, which will change if the load is helpful or unhelpful (or not present) for that check. Sometimes it is not clear if a load is helpful, and both cases need to be checked.

The Servicability safety factor on each load, used to check displacements and concrete cracking.

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Normally this is most elegantly expressed as a neat table. Grasshopper’s equivalent is a set of parallel trees, which is not so neat and very very fragile.
I have looked at Elefront, and it’s not quite what I want. Topologic allow you to bring data along with geometry in libraries, and might be closer.
Is there a better way to track the table of data.

based on Create DataTable - LunchBox - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs

and How to generate a Table - #10 by Gijs

looks like the answer is excel and use Lunchbox to manage the interface

I’d use google sheets for that

now that’s interesting. Not entirely sure I want to start mixing up people’s ids for work and private gmails, but for open source work, very interesting

I’m not sure if I follow you but you could set up a special google account for that no?