Tracking crashes/diagnostics for plugin developers

Hi all,
I’m wondering if there’s a way for developers to tap into crash logs or get any diagnostics when Rhino hard crashes (and it’s our fault). We’re trying to chase some rare and hard to reproduce issues and it’d be very handy to get some diagnostics from clients machines (with their permission/submission, of course).

Is there any way we can go about tracking these or submitting them ourselves? I’m aware that Rhino uses Raygun, but I don’t know much more than that. I’ve had (one) automated email from @brian / Raygun in the past, is there a way we can see these aggregations? Do these only occur if a user submits the crashdump from the window that appears after a hard crash? How much detail can we get?

Alternatively, (I’m not familiar with Raygun) would it make sense to integrate something like Raygun into a plugin itself, or is this negated by the fact that a plugin is embedded rather than running as it’s own application?

Any advice on tracking these exceptions/crashes would be super useful.


Hi @camnewnham

If Rhino is crashing and your plug-in is in the call stack in the crashing thread, we should be able to identify it. What’s the name of the module for your plug-in - I’ll do a search for them.

Also, if you have email addresses or specific words that are being used to submit the crash, I can search for those, too. Please DM me any private information you’d like me to search for to help find the crash.

If you (or your customers) include a unique word in the crash (FologramCrash is probably unique enough) that might also make it easier to find.

Cheers Brian, I’ll follow up via DM