Tower Support Tab Structure

I have two towers that rotate around each other closely, I want to create tabs that when extruded between each plate would create a support system.
For some reason my tap shape is not on my floor plate and instead some are between plates (see attached of ideal vs my version).
Does it have to do with connecting CRV to G output of ROTATE component?


2019-04-12.3dm (64.4 KB) (52.1 KB)


Simply grafting your floor slab boundary curves should work, since that produces a tree with a branch for each center point for a tree with a branch with division points for each slab.


Each slab center point now forms vectors to each slab division point.

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I also have a great suggestion for naming your interwoven towers: The Ying Yang Twins


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Thank you so much :slight_smile: and yes I thought of the same thing hahaha :heart: