Touchscreen with Rhino 6

Has anyone used a touchscreen and/or a stylus pen whilst using Rhino 6? And if so, what was your stylus pen?

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I’m using Lenovo P40 Yoga with pen as well as Zbook Studio with Wacom Intuos 4. I’m more comfortable using mouse (high DPI) with programmable buttons, than using pen or Wacom. But, when doing some sketches as guidance, I couldn’t see much better option than using pen or Wacom/similar digitizer with your system.

I have found it hard to use a wacom tablet with rhino’s sketch program. granted its not built for use with a drawing pen, but you can kinda use it while hovering the pen… would not recommend

So sorry for not being clear enough at the beginning. I mostly do sketching with Sketchbook Pro. Then the image would be used as reference in Rhino. Found that I couldn’t do better without my Intuos 4 or the P40.

Why not sketch on paper, scan it, and use the V6 Picture command?
This attached the image to a surface as a texture. You can then trace it with curve creation command, refine the curves using the nudge tools, and you’re off to the races.
This technique is covered in the Level 1 and 2 training guides.

There is a “Sketch Images” tutorial in the users guide and you model a dragonfly from images using this technique.

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Oh @John_Brock, that’s so old fashioned. :wink:

  1. Sketch on tablet (stylus, fingers…)

  2. Save sketch to network drive

  3. Drag-n-drop sketch file onto Rhino (or use Picture command)

  4. Model based on the sketch

  5. Modify sketch on tablet, save

  6. Automatically updates the Picture in Rhino

  7. Continue modelling in Rhino


Thanks John :smiley: with my P40, I could go paperless with high mobility while using sketchbook pro and P40’s pen. Exactly the same as your recommendation as well as Ncik’s. I couldn’t remember the last time I used my scanner :laughing: It’s collecting dust on my working table now.

But with my Zbook Studio and Intuos 4, it’s more for my mobility computing like CFD as well as rendering because my P40 isn’t as fast as the Zbook Studio.