Touch Navigation Troubleshooting

I use Rhino with a touch screen. It’s amazing and wonderful to be able to navigate using touch input.

Recently I had to “reset” windows for unrelated reasons, and then reinstall Rhino. Now Rhino is interpreting a 1-finger touch as mouse input. Rather than rotating/panning the view a touch creates a selection window. 2-finger pinch still zooms correctly.

I’d like the same behavior I had previously. I don’t even know how to start troubleshooting this. What might have changed?


Figured it out. In case anyone else is having a similar issue, here’s what I found:

64-bit Rhino 5 interprets touch interface “correctly”: 1-finger rotate/pan, 2-finger pinch zoom.

32-bit Rhino is down for the 2-finger pinch, but interprets the single touch as a normal mouse input.

Weird, right?