Toucan render of curves


I am trying to make a render including both surfaces and curves on mac rhino.

but I am having no success rendering any curves with the inbuilt toucan renderer.
and can find no documentation online saying if this feature works or not, although it appears in the settings|render panel.

I have ticked the render curves and isocurves box and tried changing the object properties of the curves. but I only see the surfaces in the rendering.

my model is large, a full size model of a house. I have 2 lights in the scene. background is black and the curves are white.

thank you for anyones ideas, solutions or answers


There is a control for rendering curves in the Toucan rendering options, but I’m not getting curves here either. @marlin will need to take a look.

Any more progress on this?
I’m having the same problem…

Rendering curves is not yet implemented on the Mac.