Toucan materials - Bumpiness with bitmap texture not showing

Am I missing something here? I 'm trying to create a material with Bumpiness using a bitmap texture and can’t see the bump effect in a rendering. It is very basic; ceramic tiles on a bathroom floor using a Bitmap texture for color and the same bitmap (with higher contrast) to create the feeling of slightly raised tiles compare to the grout between the tiles. So, basic stuff here. See below the settings for the material.



Hi Daniel,

I’d be interested in seeing your file if possible as well as the texture used in the material. I made a quick test here and found it wasn’t working as I expected either but my result is different than what you’ve shown. I filed my test case as a bug in Toucan for our developers to look into. I’d like to make sure I’m not missing your issue though too so please forward the files if you can.

Hello Brian, this is work at home so I will send the files tonight. I plan to send;

  1. Simplified scene with the floor surface
  2. Bitmap image for color
  3. Bitmap image for bump

Please confirm this is OK and tell me please how to proceed to send these to you.



That sounds perfect, thanks. You can post here or send to to my attention. If the files are too large to email, you can use and put my name in the comment section when uploading.