Total Radiation Unit and Radiation Area

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I’m running a simulation to calculate the total radiation on a surface. I got numbers on the legend (ex, 204kwh/m2) at the same time the total radiation is 0.001073. What is the unit for the total radiation here?

Another thing,How can i calculate the area for each amount of radiation (each color area)?

Total (447.5 KB)


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“ **…**which measuring unit does your radiation component output?

There are two different outputs that has two different measuring units:

radiationResult is the amount of radiation for each test point in [kWh/m2]

Note : each test point is the center of a mesh face and the number represents the amount of radiation per m2 of that mesh face.

totalRadiation is radiationResult for each point [kWh/m2] * area of the face [m2] so it is in [kWh]

The image below shows how you can regenerate the totalRadiation by multiplying radiationResult with the area of each face.

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