TopologicGH v. 0.8.7

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We have released TopologicGH v. 0.8.7, which is our first Topologic release as a Grasshopper plugin. This version specifically works with Rhino 6.18.

Developed by Cardiff University in collaboration with UCL, Topologic is both a software development library and a plug-in for visual data flow applications, aimed for architects and engineers who want to create topologically-connected three-dimensional conceptual building models. Topologic helps you think about your building not only as an assembly of physical components, but as a logical, spatial, and hierarchical configuration. Once you have built and connected a robust spatial model with Topologic, this can be interfaced with your choice of analysis and simulation engine.

Topologic is well-suited to create a lightweight representation of a building as an external envelope and the subdivision of the enclosed space into separate spaces and zones using zero-thickness internal surfaces. Because Topologic maintains topological consistency, a user can query these cellular spaces and surfaces regarding their topological data and thus conduct various analyses. For example, this lightweight and consistent representation was found to be well-matched with the input data requirements for energy analysis simulation software. Because Topologic allows entities with mixed dimensionalities and those that are optionally independent (e.g. a line, a surface, a volume) to co-exist, structural models can be represented in a coherent manner where lines can represent columns and beams, surfaces can represent walls and slabs, and volumes can represent solids. In addition, non-building entities, such as structural loads can be efficiently attached to the structure. This creates a lightweight model that is well-matched with the input data requirements for structural analysis simulation software.

Topologic is written in C++. TopologicGH is written in C#. Topologic will be fully open sourced at the conclusion of the research project in late 2019. Topologic is free to use on commercial and non-commercial projects internally. If you wish to distribute or serve your Topologic-linked software to third parties outside your organisation, please consult the licensing terms on the software webpage and contact us for any clarification.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Wassim Jabi, Reader
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University
Food4Rhino: Topologic | Food4Rhino

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