Top-down Block creation

Is there a recommended work flow for creating Blocks in a top-down design scenario? I’m saving out lots of components that are being designed within what a solid modeller would call an assembly file. In the case of this model, I want to end up with the Blocks linked and embedded, but the same Blocks will also be used in other assembly models purely as linked files.

Unless I’m missing something, creating linked and embedded Blocks is a tedious process. The least painful way seems to be Export with origin (V7 does at least allow the export to be stripped of its’ notes, which is useful), then either make an internal Block of the same part(s) and use Block Manager to create the association (link and embed) between that Block and the exported file, or delete the parts that were exported and Insert Block the just-exported file, making the link/embed.

It would be useful if the _Block dialogue offered a few more options so that linking and / or embedding could be set up at the time the Block is created, if necessary prompting to give a name and folder location for the newly created Rhino file.

None of this is an issue for bottom-up design.

has an option “export block definition”
(but i do not see an option to “externalize” the block-definition)

there is also

so starting with an MyNewBlock
Export this definition as “MyLinkedBlock”
Import “MyLinkedBlock”
_replaceBlock all “MyNewBlock” with “MyLinkedBlock”.