Toon Material Not Working Correctly

I would like to render a scene so that It has cell shading, although it shows gradients of shadow/light rather than each specific side of an object is one color. How can I accomplish this effect?

This is what im going for

This is what im getting…see the shadows/light are gradients?

Im using the rhino sun. The problems in a nutshell are Id like it to look like a cartoon, and its showing bright white gradients. The shadows look fine as they are a consistent black, although the curved geometry and flat surfaces are gradients rather than cartoony colors.

Hello - what is the toon material you are using?


the Vray supplied Toon 1 in the diagrammatic section


There is no cell shading in V-Ray. The toon material only adds contours to the geometry edges. It in escense a post effect. The toon material only simplify the things a bit. It couples a base material + customized contours to the object the base material is applied to.

You have to apply post processing to get thse cel shading effect

Thanks Nikolay, Do you have a suggestion on post processing program? and possibly best settings to get best PP results?

Also, Vray forums supplied me with this edited material if anyone is interested (set this as your base material for the toon lines) (79.0 KB)