Tooltips overlap with Windows scaled display

In the attached picture there is a overlap when icon display two commands. Latest WIP 1-3-2017

Mine has been doing the same thing, going back to when I started with v6. I have text scale set to 250% in windows.

I believe this is on @stevebaer list.
It has to do with the display scaling you have set in Control panel.
Can you please post your Windows display setting details?
If we can duplicate it we can fix it.

It’s on a list; just not mine :wink:

I’m also seeing this with 1/3/2017 WIP on Win 7 at 150% dpi.

Correct. It has not been fixed yet.
@JohnM has had bigger fires to fight.

The tool-tip problem should be fixed in the next release.

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RH-36424 is fixed in the latest WIP

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