Toolkit Meshload Load Case Definition

I am defining a Karamba meshload in C# using Toolkit() and the Load.MeshLoad() method.
Sadly, I can not assign a LoadCase number in this function. And since the MeshLoad.LcName can only get but not set, I can also not define the loadcase later.

@karamba3d do you have any suggestions what I could use to define the Load Case for my Meshload?

Thank you!


you can set the load-case name via the read/write attribute load.LcName which is of type string.
– Clemens


thank you for the reply. I am using the latest nightly build and load.LCName does not have a setter:

public string LcName { get; }

Is there another way I can set the Lc Name?


yes I see - thank you for the hint. I added a setter. It will be there in the next release of Karamba3D 2.00 WIP. Is it very urgent?
– Clemens

@karamba3d good to know that im not crazy :slight_smile: Thanks for making the changes.
It is “semi urgent” or we can also say, the sooner the better. For when is the next nightly build release planned?

It’s planned for the end of this week.
– Clemens