Toolbox Design Space Exploration: Inclusion of constraint in optimisation process


I’m working with the toolbox “Design Space Exploration” (by the MIT). This toolbox can automate the design and optimisation process of a structure and is a plugin for GH. I don’t know if there is already a lot of experience with this specific toolbox. However, maybe someone has a solution to my problem anyway.

I want to solve an optimisation problem with 4 variable parameters and 2 objective functions. I want to minimise the steel weight of a system and at the same time maximise the bending utilisation. However, the utilisation obviously cannot be bigger than 1.0. And this is exactly my problem. I haven’t found a solution of how I can implement this constraint, so that the optimisation panel only generates allowable results.
Is there a way of doing that?
So far, I always have to cross out the unallowable designs (utilisation > 1.0) at the end of the generation. This obviously leads to quite a high unnecessary calculation effort.

Thank you in advance for any kind of tipps and help!