Toolbar's Text Only mode

I like Toolbar’s text only look but text labels on the left side are unable to show states of Ortho, Grid Snap etc. It would be great to have bold word “Grid Snap” if it is enabled.
Also menu of SetPt command lacks single axis selection with Alt-click, as in Snap panel.
Sorry for bad english.

Oath & Grid Snap are at the top

Is this what you are asking?

This is probably worth asking for. I have a SetPt icon set in my middle mouse buttons that lets me select which axis by keyboard. Turning on or off by hitting X, Y, or Z key.

Add hyphen to command …

Gives you SetPt dialogue box the underline so it will be activated by keyboard.

not this …

Hello, thanks for answer

If you click with RMB on the toolbar. Problem is concerning Text Only mode.

I really appreciate your help. -SetPt is working )). But only when i type it from keyboard. If I sign “-SetPt” to shortcut, good old menu appears )

Thanks a lot

I see that now, seems like it should be highlighted somehow, What do you think @dan, I am not sure how to report this.

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one off topic question
is there a way to get rid of that toolbar?

I don’t believe so, but I use that one a lot to switch from single view to 4 view. We don’t have the 4View command on the Mac like in Win Rhino. So I click the icon to far left, also clicking one of the view names once toggles it on or off, instead of double-clicking the view window name at top left.

just my 2¢

I use cdm + F1-4 to switch between views. To switch to 4 views I just press shortcut for the current view. Have read this method somewhere on the forum, as i remember.

I have ny F keys set to my hardware, so for me it would be ⌘+FN+F1-F4 , thanks though that works well.

See your Mac’s System Preferences -> Keyboard. There is a option to use F-keys without Fn modifier. Hope that helps.
P.S. Ooops. I’ve misunderstood you. But i’ll leave this message just for info )

Thanks, I use control+ F3 to cycle between my open rhino files more.

I think I have gotten used to the Names views at the top.

If they put the top toolbar items, like popup Osnaps, Layers, and all the text like Gumball & Hidden on that bar it would be more useful.

I totally agree with that. I think it would be great to save some vertical screenspace.

@rhinorudi, @sergey. I see what you mean. I’ll see what I can do (MR-2348)

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