Toolbars - text only buttons - bad justification

The Beta seems to be doing some sort of centering of the text now, which makes for an ugly presentation if you have a vertical toolbar… V5 was left justified everywhere. --Mitch


Thanks for the report Mitch! Filed as

Hi Mitch,

The center justification for text only buttons was as a result of a third party developer request so I’m not quite sure what to do here. I added a Toolbars.CenterTextOnly setting which can be accessed from Options/Advanced which will control this behavior in 6.0. I could investigate making this the default behavior when in a single column layout in 6.x if that would get you the desired behavior.

OK, thanks John, that sounds reasonable to me. Cheers, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Ignore what I previously said :slight_smile: I decided it was better to just automatically left justify the text when displaying the buttons in a single column that way multi column layouts can still get centered text.

RH-42681 is fixed in the latest BETA