Toolbars not loaded when Rhino V5 starts

Hi, my rhino v5 for windows starts recently in a uncommon way (before it was working fine). all toolbars are gone. when i try to run toolbarreset rhino asks me to restart the program. the second time it mostly works out fine. anyone knows that bug and how to fix it?


Can you tell me what version of Rhino you are using? I believe it’s Rhino 5 but am curious if you have the latest service release. The Help menu>About Rhino will tell you if you’re not sure. ToolbarReset should fix this if you see it once but it shouldn’t happen repeatedly. I would also like to know if you have any plugins running and if your Windows is up to date.

Hi Brian, thanks for your response. I am using Version 5 (5.2.30114.2300, 14.01.2013), probably not the latest service release. ToolbarReset should work without restarting Rhino, I guess. But in this case I have to restart. The problem only appears when I open the first time Rhino after I started my computer. I use windows on a mac (windows 7) on a virtual machine (Parallels, latest version).
I have several plugins installed (VRay, Penguin, GH, Paneling Tool, Mesh Repair, and many others…). Maybe that information helps to detect the problem…

Thanks for the extra info. ToolbarReset does require a restart in Rhino 5 so that is by design. One possible cause for having to reset often though is the use of Parallels. This is known to have many issues and is not a supported platform for running Rhino on a Mac. Please see

Hi Brian, you are right! I just started to use Parallels one month ago. Before with Bootcamp everything worked out fine…