Toolbars not docking


I’m using RH8 on Windows since a few days and I found that it is not possible to dock toolbars, like was possible in RH7 and earlier. Is this a bug or is something else going on?

Rhino 7:

Rhino 8:

I see blue rectangles appear but docking is impossible.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

You need to drag the toolbar until the mouse cursor lands inside one of the small blue boxes. You will then see a larger blue box that indicates the proposed docking site, then you let up on the mouse button to dock. The system is not super intuitive.

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Thanks Helvetosaur!
It is not intuitive indeed, but this did the trick!

Do you have a suggestion for another ‘issue’ that I’m facing:

THe pop-up toolbar cannot be resized. Every time I open it again, it is back to a 4 button width.

When resized:

After re-opening:

Yes, I think this is a known bug and is being worked on…

Okay, just have to be patient then :wink:

Thanks again for your help!