Toolbars Missing in WIP

Just downloaded the latest version - I cant find the toolbar options in “Rhino Options” And if I try to run -_Toolbar it comes up as an “Unknown command”


It sounds like the plug-in that implements the toolbars isn’t loaded.

From the Tools menu, click Options, then click Plug-ins.

Do you see any plug-ins in the list? If not, it’s probably easiest to uninstall and reinstall the latest build.

Bunch of plug-ins are listed. Should I just try to re install the WIP?


Try loading the Toolbars plug-in, and then see if the toolbars show up. If not, try running the ToolbarReset command.

If that doesn’t work, repair the installation from Control Panel -> Programs and Features, then start Rhino again.

Wasnt able to load them. Repaired the install and that did the trick. Thanks for the help!


Great, you’re welcome!