Hi there,
I just installed Rhino5 and need to adapt my old script from Rhino4 to Rhino5. And I got an annoying little problem with the ToolbarCollectionNames function. Scripting documentation says that the ToolbarCollectionNames return value is a String-Array, but my return is always NULL, even a toolbar is definately displayed correctly.

Any hints on where to look. What is it I miss here?


This does appear to be broken here, it is working in Python rhinoscriptsyntax if you can code in Python…



Thank you Mitch. At least I know that it is not my fault :slight_smile:
Regards, Helga.


@dale Can you check this? --Mitch

(Dale Fugier) #5

Yep, a bug. Fixed for SR9 (too late for SR8).


Thank you for your prompt looking into. Great to hear that the fix is coming. Any estimations on when the SR9 will be released ???
I have an ugly work around though, that causes the script to be delayed for about 1.6 sec. Not nice but no better doing in the moment.



Can the script be easily converted into Python? That method works fine in Python.


(Dale Fugier) #8

Note for a few months, as we are just preparing to release SR8.


Hi Mitch, unfortunately a conversion to Python is not possible for us. Anyhow, we wait for the SR9 release. Thanks so much for now.
Regards, Helga.

(Dale Fugier) #10

I’ve merged the fix in to SR8 - hopefully it’s not too late…