Toolbar within the model

Hello @stevebaer, world,

if you wanted to embed a new interface in the scene, with which to call commands via user interaction on a control, how would you do it? In what language would you do it, OpenGL? C++? can be just C#? What libraries would you include? Is it convenient to do it via DisplayConduit and MouseCallback? or would you do it differently?

I would like to display a command template/toolbars in the scene when an object is selected, depending on the relative position of the camera to the selected object. Have you tried this before?

Any advice to go to a nice and firm ground? Could you use meshes with gradients with transparency or with many .png in real time? or do I need shaders/OpenGL code to make this without latency? Although I would like to, learning OpenGL would take me too much time so this option is not the best for me. But if it is the only way I would like to know.

On the other hand, in the case of doing it in the viewport control rather than in the scene, as they did here in RhinoGold?

I’m not looking for a tutorial (which if it existed would be great), just to know if it can be done and if so, to know where to go. Thanks!

That would be C# with a display conduit and mouse callbacks. Embed images in your plugin and use them to create DisplayBitmap instances for drawing. Your images would probably include transparent pixels if you wanted the rounded effect like shown in the image you posted…

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