Toolbar submenus

I always had problems with for to long and complex submenus and submenus of submenus. Already the Filet and the Boolen tools are far to complex and I think that there is a way to subdevide this submenus by adding new tools to the main toolbar. But what I discovered behind the Mesh for surface tool is completly crazy. Hopefully you guys are still working on this and come up with a smarter solution. It is also interesting that for example the transform tool menu is part of these submenu because it is already in the main toolbar.

There are certainly a lot of tools in Rhino and that is a long sub menu example for sure. I’m wondering if you have tried floating a tool pallette for anything you use often instead of using sub menus. In this example, go to the Window drop down menu in Mac Rhino>active tool palettes>and check ‘drag mode’ to float this palette. Is that better?

Windows Rhino also has long flyout chains like this for sure but the icon only display makes them appear shorter I think. Let us know what you think would help here from a usability standpoint when you can and I’ll make sure we have the topic filed for development work.