Toolbar Layout UI


Is it possible to make different UI Layouts? It is too overloaded when everything is activated
I don’t mean templates. I mean the configuration of the toolbar layout. E.g. one for 2d construction, another for 3d construction, one for rendering.

(Brian James) #2

It’s possible to create custom toolbar layouts… but it can get a bit complicated and many UI elements such as the layout of Panels won’t be controlled by the rui files you’ll save. The Toolbar command is the starting point here where you can create new toolbar groups and export them as rui files. This is also where you would import rui files and open or close them in the UI.

@JohnM may be able to point out some way to save separate preference files that would control panels too that I’m unaware of.

See this wiki page as well for more on rui files.

(John Morse) #3

This is on the list as a future feature but there is currently not a way to save different UI layout schemes.


thank’s for your replies. Is it available at rhino 6 WIP?

(John Morse) #5

No, the tool does not currently exist.