Toolbar icons draw incorrectly

Anyone else’s toolbar icons draw as though the alpha channel isn’t correct? I’m running in dark mode, and while v7 behaves properly in dark mode, the v8 WIP (8.0.21250.12306, 2021-09-07) doesn’t. Kind of hard to work this way :confused:

Mine look okay:

MBP, 16" 2019
Big Sur 11.5.2

I guess I’d first try restarting your Mac.

@JohnM has been working in this area quite a bit for V8. He may have some things to try.

Thanks for the confirmation. I shut down yesterday and started back up today, and it hasn’t made a difference. I’m on a MacBook Pro 16 on Big Sur, and I’ll do some troubleshooting and see if I can fix it by switching GPUs, changing displays modes, etc. and report back.

I forgot to mention, I use an external 4k display almost exclusively with the clamshell closed, so that may have something to do with it. I’ll double-check that icons look correct on the internal display like John’s, then I’ll reconnect the external display and troubleshoot.

Sorry for just now getting back to this issue. So, it doesn’t do it on my internal LCD, nor does it do it on a Sharp 4k TV at my home office. However, even after updating to the new Version 8 WIP (8.0.21264.08306, 2021-09-21), it still does it on my shop LG 4k LCD as shown attached. So, it appears that you may run into issues with other users with external displays, so I’m happy to help diagnose if you want me to send you any system info.