Toolbar (container) always reverts to "image only" (workaround)

I have two toolbars (containers) that are text+image:

Properties for both:

All of the buttons in each toolbar are set to “Inherit appearance from tab”.

After every restart of Rhino:

Properties for “Colors” container after restart:

So I have to set it back after every restart. Why is it doing that???

Saving a window layout with it set correctly and restoring it doesn’t change anything…

I solved this one by creating a new toolbar in the same library called “ColorsNew” and copying all the buttons from “Colors” to it. The new toolbar behaves correctly, so I deleted the old one. The old one was imported from V7 so I suspect there may be some bugs with the import/conversion process, or maybe some bad hidden info from V7 came with it. Before deleting the old one, I exported it as an .rhc container if anyone @McNeel wants it.

I discovered a second toolbar imported from V7 that had the same problem, the same procedure of copying all the buttons to a new native V8 toolbar also fixed it.