Toolbar Button to trigger RhinoCommand C#

Hi there.

I’ve been failry successful with the incuded samples and I am moving forward with Automating tasks in Rhino. However, there is still a topic I do not quite understand: How can I create a Toolbar button and add it to the interface and then have that button trigger a specific RhinoCommand from my C# script?

We currently have some buttons which were created by a previous Dev, but I cannot seem to find where the button icon/images are stored or how a script/command name is associated with the button.

Thanks again for any help.

Hi @AxeManGa,

Does this help?

– Dale

Of course it does!

Thank you Dale!

Thanks. But this does not give how to trigger a specific RhinoCommand from my C# script. How do I do that?

do you mean something like this?