Toolbar - Button Editor

The Linked toolbar entry at the bottom of the Button Editor has a line going through the letters “ar”.

maybe its becoming a toolbox :smirk:

Thanks, got that.


Hi @wim

Are you running Windows with DPI scaling? If so, what scale are you using? (Hint: just use the TestDpiScale command)


– Dale

Hi @dale,
Thanks for the hint!
I haven’t conscientiously changed the DPI scaling on this system (dual 1920 × 1200 screens) but apparently I’m scaling:

Command: Testdpiscale Display DPI when Rhino started: 120 DPI scale: 125% DPI scale factor: 1.25 Normal (32-pixel) icons are now 40 pixel Small (16-pixel) icons are now 20 pixel Properties panel (24-pixel) icons are now 30 pixel Cursors are 32 pixel Menu check-marks bitmaps are 19 pixel Command: _CommandHistory

OK - Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display says that 125% is default:

I’ll change this to 100% and see if that solves that one…


All good at 100% - but not sure if that is the way it should be (-;

Hi @wim,

Thanks for the details - I’ll make sure this works at other scales.

– Dale

Seems like Windows 10 sets scaling by default to 125% if you have an HD (1920) screen… At least it did on mine.


FWIW, this is on Win7.
But thanks for getting back to this - I’m still at 100% and perhaps I should put it back to default 125%.