Tool Tips have disappeared

Not sure what happened but the Tool Tips have vanished from my custom toolbar setup. If I shift-rClick on any button for the edit popup, the tool tip boxes are empty. For my custom buttons and the default buttons.

This toolbar is distributed across my office and seems to be the case everywhere. Any ideas? we really miss those tips.


Hi Robb - can you send me the original rui file that you’ve distributed? Also look in the same folder for a toolbar file of the same name with the extension .rui_bak. Rename that to just something.rui, open it in Rhino (Options>Toolbar) and see how it looks.


Thanks for the follow up Pascal. The zip file contains the current distributed toolbar and the renamed backup vanish.. It seems that some of the tips are there in the backup but not all of them. No apparent pattern to the disappearance. If I go back another generation the tips are all present.
I’m wondering if there is something that happened when I loaded the toolbar into the WIP and the tips got scrubbed after some massaging in the WIP. I probably saved then just by closing Rhino.
I did SaveAs a new name for the WIP after a bit more massaging and that seems fine in the Beta. All ToolTips present in the beta specific toolbar set.

Best regards,
Robb (6.9 MB)

Hi Robb - it does look like opening an rui file that has been saved in V6 is unhappy in V5… I’m not sure what to do fix what you’ve got - the rui file with missing tooltips for V5. I’ll see if I can come up with something.


Thanks Pascal… I think this should go up as a warning for the Beta. I simply imported the v5 toolbar for v6 and it was overwritten (apparently) when I closed v6. Perhaps the rui save should be to a unique location different from the open location.

I’m not sure what else I can do but rebuild the tool tips in v5 and keep the rui files distinct for v6 & v5. We rely on this custom toolbar throughout the office so need to preserve the functionality in v5 as we are testing v6.

Many thanks for your attention to this.

Update - I was able to go back and find the original rui that was sent out for the office and that still has the tool tips. No need to fret over the loss BUT… I do think warning about this for the beta is important.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Robb - yes - I don’t think anyone even know this until you pointed it out. I’ll chat with the developer.