Tool path problems

mostly learning from tutorials the book and a couple of people have helped some
I have a couple of issues one is when I try to run a tool path
the machine goes to the oppositeside of the center line to cut

the other the start point of the cutter is way above the construction plane

when I simulate it looks fine

Is this a RhinoCAM plug-in question?

If it’s madCAM I can probably help. If it’s RhinoCAM maybe Mitch can.


Rhino Cam

You didn’t specify which operations are causing problems. An example file would be helpful, with some good screenshots.

You need to look at the tool path. Assuming a profiling operation, the offset side of the cut will be determined by both the start point of the curve as well as settings for conventional/climb as well as the left or right side option in the toolpath setup.

Again toolpath depth and start point relative to the actual contour is set in the toolpath operation - you have the options of Top, Bottom or “pick top” for the start points as well as the total cut depth and increments.


When I rotate the drawing from the front it goes to the correct location
but this is reversed
attached is the file I tried yesterday kept going to wrong side of guitar
Thanks so much driving me nuts I know thats a short trip



Rhino tells me that the above is not a Rhino file. The tiny file size (12.7 KB) also indicates that there is something wrong with your upload.


ok thanks