Too much triangles

when drawing for games it is needed to reduce triangles as much as possible.

Unfortunately rhino generates a lot. I drawed a rectangle based bar and a circle based one.
The rectangle one can be draw with only 6x2 triangles or 6 squares, but it needs 28kbytes!!!
The circle base bar was size was similar to the rectangle based one

It would be possible to draw figures with much less triangles?
Could rhino obtain a triangles reduction tool to reduce triangles to minimun as possible within a tolerance?

Have you tried the ReduceMesh command? It doesn’t allow you to set a tolerance but that is probably set in the mesh settings in the first place.

Note that this won’t magically make Rhino an editor for meshes for games… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am triying it, thank you for the sugestion.

I discovered also that after conversion to MESH (without the mesh reduction) and export to obj uses 2kb instead of 17kb if I export to fbx

It is possible to export Blocks to any other format?, this could reduce a lot withot lose of quality