Too many validations

Why I cannot validate my Rhino 5.0 upgrade anymore? I have only 1 running license of 5.0 and cannot make more validations (I am a single user with more computers)

In version 4.0 all running smooth, yet I become a Too many validations error.

Does Rhino really have limited numbers of validations (I my case that means, that after 8+ years and on computers Rhino become unusable??)

There is a soft limit that can be changed.
Please contact to resolve the problem

Thank you for quick answer…

I already have done that, but after three days still no answer.

How long they need to solve my problem (my only validated license run on new 5kg laptop and it’s really uncomfortable to move these monster from office to my home and to my customers :frowning:

It can’t be solved here.
Where are you located?

Yes, I know.

I’m from Slovenia, EU.

Contact Sales in our European office in Barcelona:

They can look at your registration information, verify it’s you, and allow more validation.
We do this so if your license is stolen, it isn’t pirated all over the world.