Too Many Saves — Warning Message


I got a warning message to the effect that I was Saving too much… and Rhino was telling me that I was using up extra hard drive space… and that saving wasn’t necessary since I had auto save turned on… and my files were being saved once a minute already.

I’ve never seen this message before, and unfortunately I didn’t take a screen capture of it… so I’m going off of my memory here.


I always thought that the File Save commend was the typical old fashion approach, of updating (overwriting) the existing file every time I used the command. I didn’t think there was a record of version histories that were being saved. but that message sort of suggested that’s what’s happening.

So I wanted to check in here to see if this the really what’s going on… or if I happen to be highly mistaken in my poor recollections, and assumptions on what the message meant.

I dont know if it is helpful but you can manage the automatic backup of rhino here :

Hi - Yes, this is Mac-specific behavior. You do not need to save your file as you go, all changes are automatically saved as you go. If you need an older version, you need to revert to that older version.

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